Whole Connection runs on a mission to provide a space where all are welcome to explore natural health options that align with personal core values. 

Building trust within self, nature and the communities that we live in can help us heal and grow stronger, both individually and collectively.    

Communal Health starts with each of us .. self care is health care!

The path toward optimal health and vitality clears before us as we begin to open our minds and hearts to the limitlessness of our potential  


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Health Recovery

Self Care: autonomous health restoration                        

Healthy lifestyle, maintaining a positive mental attitude, and finding fulfillment within Nature & Community are vital foundations of any health recovery journey

Learn how to empower your-self and recover to an optimal state of living. Harmful thoughts, actions & addictions are re-leased, and Positive Affirmations, Intentions & Gratitude take their place 

(private, small group, workshops)

*in-person and remote


Fitness Training

Mindful Movement: deepen heart + mind connection to strengthen your physical body

Routine functional fitness, corrective exercises, calisthenics + plyometrics, cardio-metabolic training. All-levels, all-ages. Compassionate, body-positive environment 

Learn how to master your movements, actions and behaviors

(private, small group, team, classes, workshops)

*in-person only


Raw Nutrition

Explore foods as Nature has provided...sweet, ripe and raw!

Whole fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts are proven to support superb human health for people of all ages. They provide us with all of the nutrients that we need to healthfully thrive far into old age, and even promote healing from common ailments 

Learn to transition into healthy eating habits with peace of mind. The process is rooted in maintaining compassionate self-care, understanding your personal detox & healing journey, learning food preparation for your specific tastes, navigating social-situations and exploring your deeper purpose to succeed

(private, small group, workshops, demos, private raw chef)

*in-person and remote


Sound Balancing

*coming soon!

Sounds are vibrations...vibrations are energy

Creating a space filled with soothing sounds delivers a refuge for your inner-self to relax and heal 

A guided meditation is provided to help find a comfortable space within. Full relaxation sets in as you receive a bath of sounds that will help to recover from imbalances held within your energy field (chakras)

Learn to let go...

 (private, small group, classes, workshops)

*in-person only



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Imbue Yoga Studio: imbueyoga.com 

Health Education: Recovery and Sustainability 

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