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Its been a pleasure to have worked with many people, all with different backgrounds: ages 2-94, athletes, physical therapy patients, special needs youth & adults (downs syndrome, autism), cancer patients & survivors, history of disordered eating, obese & overweight, vertigo, severe allergies, arthritis, harmful-addictions, AFIB, chronic fatigue, bipolar, autoimmune diseases, OCD, digestive disorders, severe depression, PTSD. I strive to create a space for everyone to explore personal health potential.  - TJ Long (Whole Connection)

 Retired Marine

"TJ is great! From the 1st time we met, he impressed me with his sincere pursuit of truth & complete commitment to natural health. He believes as I do that we must take responsibility for our own health and stop relying on the so-called current health care 'experts' who advocate conventional treatments that eventually lead to more sickness, more misery and ultimately early death. Unlike them, he focuses on life-enhancing methods, and I have benefited from it tremendously. You've heard the aphorism 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears'? Well, think of TJ as the 'teacher'.. listen to him and follow the wisdom that he imparts."

- Jim E (72)


Working Mother

"TJ from Whole Connection  is everything you would want in a trainer. He is very personable, a great listener, and a motivator. I worked with him for over five months and began to notice results quickly. First in my mindset, then in the mirror. I would recommend Whole Connection health and fitness programs to anyone who wants to regain the confidence, fortitude, and tenacity to win in every aspect of life.

He had me doing things at 40 years old that I have not done in years like chin ups or that I have never done like pushing a weight on a sled. We often chatted about nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle encompassing the mind, body, and spirit.

Just working with him in that time helped me become reacquainted with my inner strength."

- Sylvia M (40) 


Early Childhood Educator

"Having TJ as a personal trainer is truly a wonderful experience. His approach to body, mind, nutrition & fitness all come together to create knowledge and success for his clients. He is a wealth of information! No matter your age, ability or fitness-level... TJ is the person to train with."

- Maureen C (60)


Firefighter, Youth Sports Coach, Retired Marine

"TJ took a genuine interest in my health, and physical fitness, including going above and beyond his job description to assist me with diet recommendations. This went a long way with me, the fact that he cared about all aspects of my fitness not just training me for 60 minutes. He took it the extra mile. He took a real interest in me as a person. I cannot say this for some of the other trainers I have worked out with before!"

- Grant Y (32)


Volunteer, Grandmother

"I have had the privilege of training with TJ from Whole Connection. He has been an important influence in my journey to improved health. We have worked on both my fitness and nutrition goals. My eating habits have greatly improved because of the knowledge and information that he has shared with me. 

I have enjoyed our training together. He is always upbeat and willing to push me even when I feel that I cannot continue an activity. I appreciate his positive encouragement, and he even does the activity with me if its particularly difficult for me to get through. Knowing that I would have difficulty running around a track, he ran with me and encouraged me along the way. I was able to complete the run because of this!  

An added benefit was meeting new friends in small-group training, spending time with others who have the same goals. It is exciting to see other people (some even older than me!) working on their health too. 

Now I am enthusiastic about going to the gym, and very seldom miss the opportunity. I am amazed at how much more I can do, in the gym and around the house. My life is so much better after training with Whole Connection."

Nancy S (71)